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Pilots: 11
Total Airline Hours: 93
Flights: 44
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 36,839
Aircraft: 55
Passengers: 5,518
Routes: 152

Jul 2020 Top Landings

Sönke B.A320-97 ft/min
Raphael M.CONC-191 ft/min
Raphael M.A320-198 ft/min
Raphael M.DC10-231 ft/min
Maksym K.A148-291 ft/min
Markus C.A320-364 ft/min
Raphael M.A320-384 ft/min
Tim K.A320-429 ft/min
Robin W.A320-435 ft/min
Robin W.A320-435 ft/min

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Company News

Posted by Raphael Moll on 06/26/2020

Welcome to Phoenix Group!

Welcome to the Phoenix Group! In our virtual airline we have different Airlnes:
Swissair (not SWISS)
and the Phoenix Airways.

We have many Hub's at Switzerland, Germany and the Ukraine!

We look forward to you

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Recent Flights

SWH11Robin WeissEBBRLSZHA320-21401.09.59-435 ft/m Accepted
SWH10Robin WeissLSZHEBBRA320-21401.13.42-435 ft/m Accepted
PIX123Raphael MollEGLLLSZHCONC01.000 ft/m Accepted
PIX122Raphael MollKJFKEGLLCONC2.300 ft/m Accepted
PIX121Raphael MollEGLLKJFKCONC03.54.53-191 ft/m Accepted
PIX120Raphael MollLSZHEGLLCONC01.17.13-572 ft/m Accepted
AEW1005Maksym KuzmovUKBBUKDDAN-148-100B01.04.23-291 ft/m Accepted
SWH520Raphael MollLSZHEDDLA320-21401.04.34-198 ft/m Accepted
SWH541Tim KöllnEDDHLSZHA320-21401.51.58-429 ft/m Accepted
LTU31Markus ColmseeEDDHEIDWA320-21402.33.10-364 ft/m Accepted

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Recent Bids

Raphael has chosen flight PIX4450 departing from LSZH arriving at KJFK,and will be flying a CONC (HB-SSA)

Sönke has chosen flight LTU33 departing from EDDH arriving at EDDV,and will be flying a A320-200 (D-AERD)

Sönke has chosen flight LTU31 departing from EDDH arriving at EIDW,and will be flying a A320-214 (D-ABDC)

Ahmed has chosen flight SWH13 departing from EGCC arriving at LSZH,and will be flying a A321-200 (HB-IJK)

Recent Activity

PIX0009 Robin Weiss has filed a PIREP from EBBR to LSZH View Flight Report

PIX0009 Robin Weiss has filed a PIREP from LSZH to EBBR View Flight Report

PIX0002 Raphael Moll has filed a PIREP from EGLL to LSZH View Flight Report

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