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PID Name Rank Flights Hours
PIX0001 Switzerland Robert Moll New Pilot 2 3.24
PIX0002 Switzerland Raphael Moll Pilot 21 45.46
FYE0003 Ukraine Maksym Kuzmov New Pilot 2 3.34
PIX0006 United States Matthew Vanhoff New Pilot 0 0.00
FYE0007 Denmark Tobias Søndergaard New Pilot 0 0.00
PIX0008 Algeria Ahmed Guezati New Pilot 1 0.58
PIX0009 Switzerland Robin Weiss Junior Pilot 8 20.52
FYE0010 Denmark Albert Clasen New Pilot 0 0.00
FYE0011 Germany Sönke Biermann Junior Pilot 8 14.38
PIX0012 Germany Andre Biermann New Pilot 0 0.00
PIX0013 Germany Markus Colmsee New Pilot 1 2.33
PIX0014 Germany Tim Kölln New Pilot 1 1.51
SWH0015 Germany Benjamin Tiemann New Pilot 0 0.00

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